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물결 모양의 추상 배경

Online Game

The online gaming industry has proven to generate huge amounts of foreign currency revenues that bring socio-economic development to the country in other sectors. Aurora Special Economic Zone is aimed at "effectively attracting legal and productive foreign investment" throughout the country by promoting online games and adopting several strategic businesses. In addition, we (T&D) share the profits obtained here with the development of the local economy and with you and general investors.

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BBCOIN currently has 50,000 users who can be used as points in online games and shopping malls, and more than 1 million users can be secured through various development projects, partner companies, an

1. BBCOIN can be used as points in online games, shopping malls, and various development projects and consulting (hodel, resort, real estate rental, leisure industry development, etc.). 2. We will se

Aurora EcoZone 1> Provides a business-friendly hub that helps you tap the rich resources of land and sea for viable entrepreneurial ventures. 2> Aurora Ecozone is the first and leading Green Economic

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