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물결 모양의 추상 배경

Where to use the coin

1. BBCOIN can be used as points in online games, shopping malls, and various development projects and consulting (hodel, resort, real estate rental, leisure industry development, etc.). 2. We will set up branches in various countries around the world and give rights, operation, and transaction approval rights to conduct cryptocurrency business, NFT, and metaverse business related to blockchain business. 3. Cryptocurrency mining/cryptocurrency exchange/art exchange/future exchange/FX margin exchange/real estate transaction and REITs business/game business, etc. can be conducted simultaneously in the real-world communication virtual space and offline in the blockchain-based metaverse. It is being developed so that it can be used by BBCOIN as a payment system. 4. You can pay like cash on a financial platform of the real economy, various global franchise stores, and international shopping malls. It will be used as a financial settlement system for a variety of complex cooperative exchanges.

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BBCOIN currently has 50,000 users who can be used as points in online games and shopping malls, and more than 1 million users can be secured through various development projects, partner companies, an

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