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Management Philosophy

With the excellent and independent management philosophy of T&D Group, we will guide you through the wisdom of wise capital management, solid value investment for customers, and the growth of individual companies.

T&D Group's management strategy declares that it contributes to protecting investors, discovering future values of the company, and contributing to society.

Capital management

T&D Group's top investment principle is to lead the potential for value growth, including individual investors and individual companies. The growth of a company's intrinsic value has a significant impact on an individual's return on investment. In addition

It is linked to the future value of the company. T&D Group will invest in the future value of a company for the actual growth of individual companies as well as individual investment returns, and will lead the global capital market where customers, companies and investors coexist.



After rigorously analyzing the financial performance of the target company, T&D Group invests in future-oriented creative companies that customers and investors choose by discovering the non-financial intrinsic value within individual companies.


T&D Group will improve corporate valuation standards so that the values of individual companies can be accurately reflected in real time, thereby clearly securing corporate transparency regarding actual investment and future value recovery.


Diversified investment

T&D Group diversifies investments in outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises with potential for future value. To this end, T&D Group will expand the scope of its various research coverage, including the establishment of a practical database required for investment companies. This is the belief of T&D Group to discover excellent companies that meet the investment principles of T&D Group, such as stocking stable returns and protecting against risks, while adhering to the principle of diversification based on T&D Group's delicate research capabilities.


ESG Management

T&D Group pursues a corporate culture that sets an example for environmental protection, social contribution, and ethical management governance. T&D Group will do its best to transform the corporate paradigm from financial investment-type 'growth-oriented' management to “sustainable” management for customer satisfaction as a new success strategy in an era of uncertainty, with transparent governance and advanced leadership.

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