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T&D Group puts customer's asset value first.

T&D Group was established to provide differentiated returns to customers through the rich experience and deep thinking of its members in the rapidly changing financial capital market.


​ To generate consistent performance in a volatile market, you need an identity.

We focus on removing the bubble and fear of corporate value distorted by market volatility and finding its essential prototype.

All the executives and employees of my T&D Group are always thinking and working hard to find true business value based on broad and deep insight into the market.

In addition, we take responsibility for our customers' assets and carefully manage them according to the principle of good faith.

By discovering undervalued investment targets with clear future growth potential in a timely manner, and experiencing the process in which corporate value is expressed as a profit through detailed monitoring after investment, we ultimately increase the value of your assets.

With this mindset, we will always work hard so that customers can enjoy profits with a little more trust and a little more comfort.

We hope that our sincere efforts will become a ray of light for our customers in the age of capital.

thank you

All T&D Group employees


Greetings from the head of the special economic zone


Aurora Ecozone is the first and leading Green Economic Zone, Free Port Authority, and an important gateway to the East Pacific Coast, serving as a catalyst for the socio-economic development of Aurora State that contributes to the development of the country as a whole.

We establish competitive measures to effectively attract legitimate and productive investment. 

In particular, the promotion of online games and the adoption of several “actions” are aimed at “effectively attracting legitimate and productive foreign investment” from the East Coast and the country as a whole.

We are committed to the highest standards of providing high-quality service using our quality management system for the success of our entire organization. And I wish the development of T&D Group. thank you

Israel F. Maducdoc
President and CEO • Vice Chairman

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